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Feeding Zone

Here are the exact locations of the feeding stations that you’ll find on the route.

  • 7,3 km on the right side of the route, Avenue Ledru Rollin
  • 12,4 km on the right side of the route, Avenue Daumesnil
  • 17,5 km on the left side of the route, Avenue de Gravelle
  • 23 km on the right side of the route, Avenue Ledru Rollin
  • 27,4 km on the right side of the route, Cours la Reine
  • 29,8 km on the right side of the route, Place de Varsovie
  • 34,5 km on the left side of the route, Boulevard Suchet
  • 38,4 km on the left side of the route, Allée de Longchamp

The position of these points is optimised according to the width of the route, the roadwork and the installation logistics (feeding station and waste management).

A nineth feeding station will naturally complete this operation at the finish site.

These feeding stations (drinks and food) are 160 metres long. You don’t have to go to the first tables to serve yourself; the tables are long enough to avoid jostling with the other runners.

Refreshment areas interspersed between these full feeding stations will allow you to have access to water to cool you down.

Here are the details about the delicious products that you’ll find at these different locations.

At all the full feeding stations:

  • water (33cl bottles)
  • bananas, sugar, dry fruit and gingerbread.

And additionally:

  • Pretzels : km 3 // km 4 // km 5 // km 6 // km 7 // km 8 // at the finish.
  • TUC : km 3 // km 4 // km 5 // km 6 // km 7 // km 8 // at the finish
  • Apples and oranges at the finish

More information about the Stimium products here

Do your bit and succeed in another a challenge!

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris would like to adopt an exemplary approach to recycling.

Let’s all get involved!

Our objective: 100% recycling

An operation which has been significantly increased and the willingness of everyone to do their bit.

Clothing left at the start

Stay warm before the start but choose an old sweatshirt rather than a bin bag. You can leave this item of clothing on the side of the route before the start line, which will then be recovered and recycled.

Food waste

Bananas, apples and oranges skins will be collected in specific bins, placed as near as possible to the feeding stations. This food waste will be recycled via methanation and composting processes.

Banana skins dropped on the ground are no laughing matter for the runners following you, or for the road sweepers.

Your actions are important.

Aim for the target with your bottles!

Bottles can recycled over and over again, so aim for the target and give them a second life.

Bins featuring a target will be available and positioned during 700 metres to meet your needs.

Each runner will be able to dispose of their bottle according to their race pace and their hydration needs.

N.B.: bottles will not be collected after the final zone, 700 metres from the feeding station.

A bottle or a banana skin dropped on the ground will finish as refuse.
A bottle or a banana skin placed in the appropriate bin will be recycled.