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Since 2017, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris has reduced its waste by 50%, in line with its eco-responsible commitments expressed in the GESI charter, and to best comply with the AGEC law to fight against single-use plastic, waste and to promote reuse.

Each year, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris takes measures that have made it possible to collect in 2023, in addition to selective sorting:

  • 5,4 tonnes of runners' clothing left in the start lockers, sorted and recycled for a secondary use
  • 16 tonnes of waste recycled (cardboard, wood, PET, etc.)
  • 3.5 tonnes of bio-waste from refreshment stands, composted to become topsoil
  • 2237kg of fruits, donated to the Restos du Cœur
  • 422 pairs of running shoes donated to the Africa Run association and then sent to Africa.

In addition to its actions in favour of sustainability, since 2019, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris has offset all of its greenhouse gas emissions through the Livelihood carbon fund, which finances projects that help rural communities in Kenya restore and preserve their ecosystems