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The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris will set an example and lead the way in waste management.

2019's ultimate goal: 100% recycling!

  • Organisers are aware that the course needs more rubbish collection points, but we can only set an example if everyone does their bit. For runners, this means getting rid of your waste in rubbish collection areas, which will be located 700 m after each feeding zone.

This simple gesture makes it easier for organisers and municipal teams to collect and recycle your waste.

collecting and recycling water bottles

Vittel hands out almost 600,000 water bottles to quench the thirst of marathon runners.

Vittel bottles are designed to be made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled in turn, so they become a new resources from the moment that they are collected and recycled." The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris and Vittel have joined forces to set up a comprehensive action plan for collecting empty water bottles:

  • educational workshops in the Salon du Running will raise awareness among competitors on their way to pick up their race numbers before the Marathon.
  • The number of collection points all along the course has been tripled to ensure better coverage. Over 540 easy-to-identify containers will be installed.
  • More resources and people will be deployed to pick up rubbish after the race, particularly in wooded and sensitive areas.

"Runners like me have 700m after each feeding zone to throw our bottles into the appropriate containers!"


  • At the race start

    Since 2017, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris has ramped up efforts to recover clothes (T-shirts, fleece jackets, sweat-shirts, etc.) left behind by competitors, to give them a second life or recycle them.

    Runners are asked to prefer old items of clothing and avoid using plastic bags, which are a source of pollution. Plastic bags are forbidden in the start zones.

    "Runners like me avoid plastic materials!"

    • At the Salon du Running

    New in 2019: ASICS will offer a 20% discount coupon to everyone leaving used clothes at this collection point (to be claimed on a future ASICS purchase, directly at the stand or in stores).

    • Your finisher tee-shirt+ ASICS logo

    New in 2019: on this year’s Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, 95% of the ASICS Finisher’s tee shirts have been made from recycled materials.


    At all of the feeding stations as well as in the finish zone, organic waste (fruit peel, leftover food) is collected in specific bins and is then used to make compost or biogas. 

    “As a runner, I appreciate product diversity and I make an effort to sort waste to improve recycling.”