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Runners' Photos

READY, GET SET, photos!

Congratulations, you're going to take part in the 42th Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2018. So that you can have a lasting record of your participation, photos will be taken of each runner in action.



The Maindru Photo team of 20 professional photographers will be doing a photo shoot in photo areas especially created for the event:

Km 1:


6 photographers in a row of 3 lanes

Km 1:


6 photographers in a row of 3 lanes

Km 9:

Porte Doré, avenue Daumesnil, in front of the aquarium

8 photographers on a row of 3 lanes

Km 24,5: Pont Notre Dame, Georges Pompidou expressway
4 photographers in a row of 2 lanes
Km 27: Tuileries
photographers in a row of 3 lanes
Arrivée: Avenue Foch
20 photographers on 2 rows of 3 lanes

As you arrive at a photo area, make sure that your bib is visible and there is some space between you and other runners.

Ex: 6 photographers lined up, 3 lanes

Where CAN YOU GET your photos?

You can view your personal photos on from Monday 9th April 2018 in the evening and order online.

Order your photos

Maindru Photo will process your photos within 48 hours in their own professional lab and ship them to you from Angers. 

Have a great race - see you on 8th April!

The Maindru Photo Team