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Route & refreshments

stay in the loop to discover the 2024 ROUTE! 

In the meantime, you can get a feel for it with the route of the 2023 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris


2023 PROFIL 

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Where are the refreshments station ?

  • 4.5 km on the left, rue de l'Amiral de Coligny
  • 10 km on the right, avenue Daumesnil
  • 15 km on the right, route de la Pyramide
  • 20 km on the right, avenue de Gravelle
  • 25 km on the left, boulevard Henri IV
  • 30.3 km on the right, voie Georges Pompidou
  • 35 km on the right, boulevard d'Auteuil
  • 38 km on the left, carrefour des Cascades
  • 42.195 km after collecting the medal

There will be toilets available near each station.

What is the menu of the day?

You will find (in ample quantities) sweet and salty foods. Bananas, gingerbread slices, dried fruit, sugar cubes, pretzels, saltine crackers... There will be something for everyone!

These foods will be presented in a spaced out manner on the tables.

The volunteers will be happy to give you strength for the rest of your marathon!

Do not neglect the refreshments!

Everyone knows the need to hydrate regularly and sufficiently. Bottles of Vittel® water are available at each feed station, every 5 km.

Don't wait until you are thirsty to hydrate yourself!

Eat regularly products that provide a quick and easily digestible supply of carbohydrates. For example, the bananas of the brand Banane de Guadeloupe & Martinique offered on the course are precious aids to limit the energy loss after two hours of effort and to keep a good performance at the muscular level.

Recycle your waste!

Collection bins will be available at the start, at the refreshment posts and at the finish line. Throw your waste in the right bins: plastic bottles, food waste or textiles so that they can be recycled.

A little advice :

Be careful, drinking too much at once or drinking water that is too cold can also affect your performance. You may feel bloated or even have stomach pains. A good technique: warm the water in your mouth before swallowing it!