2021 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Participants will need to present a valid Covid certificate

100% money back if the race is cancelled due to Covid-19

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Discover all the activities put in place for the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris to celebrate its runners as well as its supporters!

  • 5,000 marathon runners, their families and the Parisians will attend this friendly 5k run on Saturday 13 April.


  • Is your child between the ages of 5 and 10? So, he or she can run like the big kids! Rendezvous Saturday 13 April from 14h00 for the start of the free of charge races.


  • Download the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris connected app to follow the marathon even more closely. You will be able to follow your favourite runners live!


  • Are you one of those fervent supporters who want to keep up the morale of their runners throughout the entire course?

RATP has created #Ligne42km by combining the 33 metro stations on the course of the race and the eight hotspots with bands of musicians performing in the metro.


There is a specific route for each starting area, so you can move around the city without straying too far from the course. You have no excuse not to come out and cheer on your friends and family! Go ahead and download the route you need:

  • There will be live music throughout the course to improve the experience of runners and supporters alike.

Consult the detailed list

  • Running a marathon is a big deal. But running a marathon in a fantastic atmosphere is even better! This year, the fan zones will be open to the supporters. Find their exact locations below or on page 5 of the marathoner's guide.

  • In a few days, you will be among the finishers of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris. An impressive feat that should be celebrated!

So come along to the party with the other participants. This year, it will be held at La Felicita. Doors will open at 18h. And don’t forget your medal! It will get you nice discounts

  • Like Laetitia and Sébastien, more than 20,000 runners will take part in their first marathon on Sunday 14 April.

They will experience an extraordinary moment, an unforgettable memory.

Fans, identify their specifics bibs (with the golden Eiffel Tower) and encourage them on the course!

  • New in 2019: a wristband in the colours of the Marathon de Paris will be given to the participants at the area where the runner bags are collected at the Salon du Running.

You must wear it throughout the entire event: from the entry into your start staging area to the presentation of your medal finisher. Aesthetically pleasing, it will also make for a nice souvenir after your race!

BE CAREFUL, no wristband = no medal !

  • For the past five years, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris has entrusted the creation of its medal to a creator, a renowned designer, Pauline Deltour. Here is her 2019 interview:

How did you get involved in this project and what were your first questions?

“It was Frédéric Beuvry at Schneider Electric who suggested I work on this medal project and obviously I immediately accepted the challenge that it represented. It is a very interesting exercise -a sort of carte blanche- because the constraints are limited to the fabrication process and the challenge resides especially in the emotional value that the medal will convey. I had never drawn an object bearing such an emotional value elsewhere.”

What do you compare this creation to: a jewel? A precious souvenir? An everyday object?

“For sure, a precious souvenir. This medal is a reflection of several hours of racing, of pushing one’s limits, fatigue, a mental battle, sweat and satisfaction. So, in fact, it is a very precious souvenir for the runners, which is much more than an everyday object.”

What are the elements that led you to this very refined creation?

“I wanted to work on the essence of the medal: a disc surrounded by a large gold ring. I wanted to leave the substance to the material so that the runner feels its weight. Regarding the inscriptions, I also preferred to emphasize only the essentials: the three characteristic and iconic elements of this race which are the distance, its place and the year. Inscribing the distance covered instead of the word "marathon" is a choice that highlights the effort made by the participants. And finally, these three words carry the colours of the French flag, as well as the colour of the sponsor: a way to add sparkle and highlight the savoir-faire of the manufacturer.»