2025 Registrations are open!


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The HPC replaces the medical certificate!

Starting in 2024, medical certificate is being replaced. Now, you must fill in the Health Prevention Course (HPC). How does HPC work?...

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A commited marathon!

Discover the actions of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

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Childrens have their marathon too!

The Marathoon's took place on April 6, with more than 1,500 children aged 5 to 12 running on the Place de Fontenoy over distances...

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Run in solidarity!

The Paris Run For All kicked off at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 6, with a 4km run for the ANAÉ association, which enables disabled...

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The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris in figures!

On April 7, 2024, 54,175 of you finished the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris! The average age was 39, and the most represented...

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In 2025, Join Run for #TeamARUK at the 2025 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity. Through research, we will keep people connected...

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Got a marathon story to share? Write to us!

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Relive the emotions of the 2024 edition in photos!

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2025 registrations are now open!

Year 2025 will be a sporty one! Whether it's your first marathon, or a repeat experience, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris...

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Registrations for the 2025 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris open wednesday!

The 2024 edition came to an end yesterday and it was a great success. Does it make you want to take up the challenge next year? Would...

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Congratulations to all runners!

You've done it! Congratulations to all the Finishers of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris!

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The 2024 rankings are here!

The 2024 rankings are here!

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Running down the Champs-Élysées caught up in the euphoria of the start, running around the Place de la Concorde, heading...

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Find out your results now!

Find out your results or those of your friends and family right now!

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An Ethiopian double

Ethiopian Mulugeta Uma has won the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2024 with a time of 2:05’33 (his personal best), finishing...

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Watch your loved ones cross the finish line in live video!

You've been following your kins with the live tracking, and they're close to the finish line? Watch them cross the line on live...

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Follow your kins live!

Follow the progress of your friends and family and your favorite runners live! It's easy: go to the official Schneider Electric Marathon...

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Your checklist for today!

Only a few hours to go before you're at the starting line of the World's Most Beautiful City Marathon! To make sure you're ready for...

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Marathoners' guide

Take one last look at the marathon guide to ensure your peace of mind on D-Day ...

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Minor course adjustment - Seine flooding

Due to flooding of the Seine, organizers, in consultation with the City of Paris and the Paris Police Prefecture, have decided to...

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Get ready for the D-Day

Don't miss any info and get ready for the D-Day!

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Come and enjoy a convivial moment during Paris Run For All!

On saturday morning, come and enjoy a convivial moment during Paris Run For All!

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Run Experience is open!

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris weekend is officially underway! Come and collect your race bib at the Run Experience show...

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Friday night, a free show in the heart of Paris: the Asics Speed Race!

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Maps for the D-Day

Departure map and timetable, arrival map, baggage instructions, refreshment station locations, final reconnaissance of your route......

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Your checklist for picking up your number at Run Experience!

Invitation with QR Code + medical certificate + ID! To cross the finish line of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, you need...

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Paris Run For All and Marathoon’s

Enjoy a family sports day! On Saturday 6 April, take part in the Paris Run For All, a 4km charity run from the Palais Royale to Place...

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Don't just put your bib anywhere!

The race number is worn on the front, below the chest, and must be visible. Please note that it is forbidden to wear the number on...

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Free luggage storage at your disposal!

On race day, from 7 a.m., come and drop off your stuff with our teams. Located on Avenue Foch, not far from the start. Anticipate...

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Checkout the local evacuation plan

Would your loved ones like to follow you? You can transfer this traffic map to them to optimize their movements....

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Checkout our marathon's weekend events!

Whether you want to warm up the day before the big Marathon start or run with your supporters for a good cause, Paris Run For All...

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Asics Speed Race

Join us on Friday 5 April from 6.30pm at the Palais Royal for the Asics Speed Race, an event where elite international athletes will...

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Challenges to take up and prizes to win on our app!

Download our Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris app and take part in numerous challenges while training and trying to win lots of...

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First Marathon: take off your bib!

 Is this your first marathon? Don't panic, we'll explain everything! Firstly, you need to collect your bib at the Run Experience...

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Discover the elite who will be taking part with you in the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon!

On the same course as last year, Kenyans and Ethiopians will once again be the big favourites. You'll find the last three winners...

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10 days to go!

10 days, or 240 hours, or 14,400 minutes before the start of the Marathon in the most beautiful city in the world! 42.195 km of cobblestones,...

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3 h 30 departure? Why is that?

At the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, millions of runners will take to the streets of Paris to achieve their goal. Departures...

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Génération Marateens

The Génération Marateens event took place yesterday at the Léo Lagrange stadium, bringing together just over...

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Line 42, the grail for fans!

If you want to be able to get to different points to cheer on the runners, Line 42 is there for you. Plan your itinerary using the...

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D-12: Finish the last details with the nutrition guide!

Dear marathon runner, Because you shouldn't leave anything to chance in your preparation for the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris,...

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The typical runner!

Discover the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris runner!

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Pick up your bib at the Run Experience

Your bib must be collected from the Run Experience exhibition at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles at the following times: Thursday,...

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Pacers in the colors of your start area!

Pacers will be in each start area to help you achieve your objectives. Like cabaret leaders, they'll be easy to spot: they'll...

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Submit your medical certificate now!

It's not too late to submit your medical certificate or FFA license: you can do so online up to and including Sunday March 31. This...

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Paris is ready to welcome you!

Paris, its shops, residents and tourists are ready to welcome you on 7 April!

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Consult the plans for your arrival and departure!

Prepare yourself by consulting the different plans that will help you on D-day.

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A photo souvenir of your achievement!

You want to be photographed looking your best? Have a photo that inspires you every time you look at it? Order your photo pack now!...

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Your loved ones can follow you on your run!

On the D-Day, your loved ones can follow you on your run!

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No medical certificate, no Marathon!

 The certificate must be less than one year old on the day of the race, and state "competitive running" or "competitive athletics"...

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Discover your medal and your t-shirt !

See you on april 7, 2024 !

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Discover the runners guide marathon!

 So you don’t miss any news, the runners guide marathon is here !

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30 days to go until the start of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris!

For several months and weeks now, you've been training with iron discipline to reach your goal of completing the Schneider Electric...

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Recognize your course with the 3D video!

You want to know the course and dream about the Marathon? Watch the course in 3D! Start, finish, streets, iconic Parisian monuments,...

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M-1 before the marathon!

 1 month before the big start : consul tour Start plan !

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Win your first professional sponsorship contract!

Come to break your PB in the heart of Paris and win your first professional sponsorship contract! Ready to take part in an international...

Newsflashes 28/02 - 15:59

Pick up your race number at Run Experience

 Pick up your race number at Run Experience!  Your race number must be picked up at the Run Experience...

Newsflashes 27/02 - 17:26

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is supporting the French championship for the 4th year running

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is supporting the French championship for the 4th year running.

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Your solidarity bib available now!

Registrations via solidarity bibs are now open. Running in solidarity means committing to collecting at least €10 per km, or...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:36

Pre-registrations for the 2024 solidarity bibs are open!

Be notified when the solidarity bib campaign is open.You can then choose the association of your choice among the partner associations...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:30

The Marathoon's? children too have the right to their race!

The Marathoon's is a free, untimed race for children aged 5 to 12, to be held on Place Fontenoy (75 007 Paris) on the eve of the Marathon....

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Discover the official teaser for the 2024 marathon!

Discover the official 2024 marathon teaser!

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:28

Complete your marathon experience

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is happy to offer you various options to personalize your Marathon. From a personalized medal,...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:27

Discover the official Paris Run For All teaser!

Discover the official Paris Run For All teaser!

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:25

Discover the 2024 route

Discover right now your 2024 route!

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:24

Download the Marathon app, it fits in your pocket!

Our Marathon app gives you a detailed follow-up of your training: a real companion 2 and a half months before the Marathon. You'll...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:24

M-3 means 12-week preparation guide!

You're now 3 months away from the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon. Download the 12-week preparation guide to get you to the starting...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:23

Participe à nos challenges et tente de remporter des cadeaux !

Download our Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris app and motivate yourself to run by taking up the various challenges throughout...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:22

Last chance to get your bib!

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is now sold out. The good news is that you still have the opportunity to join thousands of...

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Registrations for the #SchneiderElectric #ParisMarathon 2024 are now closed! On April 7th, you will be tens of thousands of runners...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:21

Last bibs available

Only a few bibs left to enter the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris. What are you waiting for? Take up the challenge of your year!...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:20

Join the #GreenRunners Challenge on Strava!

You can now sign up for the #GreenRunners Challenge on Strava! Join us, run 42 minutes between December 2nd and 5th, and...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:19

The Green Runners Challenge is back, from Saturday, December 2 to Tuesday, December 5!

Because running is a sport for sharing ; and on Equal Opportunities Day, run with someone you know who doesn't usually run and become...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:19

200 days to go!

Not yet registered for the 2024 edition of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris? Your bib is waiting for you! ...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:17

Profite d'une expérience complète !

Now is the perfect time to book your travel package for the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2024 with one of our official tour...

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:16

The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon took place 2 months ago (already)!

Every year, we take measures to enhance its environmental impact and promote solidarity actions.Want to know more? Our infographic...

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2024 registrations are open!

Registration are open for the 2024 edition ! Hurry up and register to get the best rate !

Newsflashes 19/02 - 15:14

2023 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris in figures

51,100 out of 52,078 starters finished the race (98%) A fabulous course with a revamped finale in the streets of the French capital 43%...