2025 Registrations are open!

My first Marathon

Is this your first Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris? Or even your first race? You certainly have questions! It's time to find out everything you need to know about the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris.

No medical certificate, no race! A compulsory document to validate your participation in the Schneider Electric Marathon de P aris, you have until April 6, 2025 to deposit it on your time to account in the "my events" section. After that, you'll need to bring a paper version of your medical certificate with you when you pick up your number.

Please note that the medical certificate must bear one of the following indications:

  • "competitive running
  • "competitive sport
  • "competitive athletics".

Words "in competition" are essential!

Luggage lockers are available on Avenue Foch from 7 a.m. so that you can drop off your bag and run more lightly. To deposit your belongings in a bag no larger than 45x36x20cm, you need to attach the luggage label supplied in your race number envelope. To retrieve them, simply present your race number.

We advise you to anticipate the long queues and the journey time from the baggage lockers to your airlock by taking some time in advance.

Please note that certain items are prohibited:

Whether you've registered for performance or pleasure, you'll be entitled to your official time at the end of your race. You can consult it directly online in the results tab.

At the Salon Run Expérience, you'll be able to pick up your race number, but NOT ONLY... You'll be entering the era of running in all its splendor. You'll be able to meet over 150 exhibitors, talk to professionals about running, test products, meet celebrities, attend conferences... running is the talk of the hall, so you'll be in your element, whatever your level. And yes, you won't have time to get bored.

We'll let you know where to pick up your number at a later date.

The race number allows you to enter the start locker and gain access to the race. It contains a chip that will be detected at the start and finish, as well as at certain checkpoints along the course. Thanks to your number, you'll have your official time at the end of the race!

The number is worn visibly on the chest!

When you registered, you selected a starting locker according to your estimated time. You'll start in the airlock of your time with all the other runners who have selected the same time as you!
Don't panic if you do more or less than the time of your airlock, it's normal that you're not like a Swiss clock.

Visit our website to find all the information you need on how to get into the airlock, airlock entry times, airlock departure times, etc.

Are warm-ups planned?
You're not starting out cold, are you? Once you're in the start hatch, coaches perched on their podiums will be doing joint warm-ups to warm up the runners! You can still warm up on your own.

What are pacers for?
At each starting gate, pacers will be on hand to help you achieve your goals. Like cabaret leaders, they'll be easy to spot: they'll be wearing big feathers in the colors of your airlock!

Will there be toilets? Showers?
Toilets will be available at the start, finish and next to the feed stations. However, we won't be providing showers.

Will there be entertainment on the course?
You'll get your fill of entertainment on the course: brass bands, batucadas, fan zones, partner events, you won't have time to get bored. And neither will your loved ones.

Am I allowed to run with my headphones on?
Yes, you're free to listen to your own music or podcast during the race.

How can my friends and family follow my progress?
Thanks to our live tracking application, they'll be able to find you, follow your progress and cheer you on! Find out more on the dedicated page of our website.

Am I allowed to run with my friends and family?
No race number, no race. For the safety of the runners, and the respect of the organizing teams, your loved ones can't run alongside you, or cross the finish line. Security guards positioned along the course will ensure compliance with this rule.

No need to bring your tupperware!
Every 5 km, we've prepared refreshment points and toilets for you. A little water to keep you hydrated, something to eat for energy, a "technical" break if you need it, and off you go again, towards infinity and beyond! Don't worry, there'll be something for everyone.

Once you've crossed the finish line, you'll need to realize the feat you've just accomplished! Next, you'll move on to access the refreshment area. Finally, you'll receive your finisher's medal.

How much time do I have to finish?
We've set aside 6 hours after the last runner starts, which is usually plenty of time. And if you need a little more time, don't worry, we'll still be waiting for you at the finish.

What if I finish last?
You mean first from the end? Well, that won't be a problem! It's all about crossing the finish line, isn't it? And you'll be ahead of all those who preferred to sleep in!

Celebrate your performance with a medal and finisher T-shirt! Once your race is over, our volunteers will give you a medal and a finisher T-shirt to wear with pride!