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An integrated approach

The CSR approach of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Because the values of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris are anchored in the expectations of runners like you who act as CLIMATE AND AIR QUALITY AMBASSADORS

Because we are lucky to work together with committed sponsors and stakeholders, chief among them our title sponsor Schneider Electric, which supports our goal of turning the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris into in 2020, THE FIRST CARBON-NEUTRAL MARATHON,

Because, as a major event, we have to set an example and be a source of inspiration, particularly when it comes to IMPLEMENTING THE BIG INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY SPORTS EVENT CHARTER AND COMMITMENTS


The CSR approach of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris spans all aspects of sustainable development —the environment, social and societal actions, the economy and good governance practices— and is articulated around three main components and 6 actions, weaving together a progressive supported by everyone, for everyone.

Discover the reSponsible commitments of the 44rd edition :


Leave a positive footprint!

The main issue in organising the event will be to draw up an energy assessment for the 2017 edition of the Salon du Running and to find areas for improvement in forthcoming years, in collaboration with VIParis.

Since the main energy used at the Salon du Running is electricity, we take advantage of Schneider Electric’s expertise and technological development to raise the public’s awareness of renewable energy.

Our actions will be chiefly directed towards our suppliers and service providers, as well those used by our exhibitors and partners. Our ambition is to considerably develop the use of re-usable or recyclable materials.

Getting food from suppliers who favour sustainable or biological agriculture is the name of the game! The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris will tap local suppliers whenever possible. The 2019 Marathon will get 50% of its needs from local producers, rising to 100% from 2020.

  • The organisers are abandoning printed documents in favour of digital channels in their communications with competitors.
  • Exhibitors in the Salon du Running are encouraged to use standard, reusable stands.


The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris puts the spotlight on hotels with environmental quality labels. Let's use them!

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris offers numerous tips for preparing the race, helping athletes who are tackling the 42.195 km distance for the first time to avoid mistakes. The organisers work together with Stimium, Baume du Tigre and Compex to give tips on training, refreshment, nutrition, recovery, foot care and more.
The Salon du Running also broadcasts messages to runners to raise awareness of what they should do if another runner feels unwell.
First-class medical attention is ready to intervene at any point of the race, with a medical unit remaining in the finish area until the last competitor crosses the line. There will be 8 first-aid posts, 47 defibrillators and over 500 medical(chiropodists and osteopaths) ready to take care of competitors at the finish.

Helping one another lies at the heart of the communications sent to competitors by the organisers of the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris.

Furthermore, anti-doping controls will be set up near the finish line. Federation representatives will subject the first three runners in each category and a series of runners picked at random to doping tests.

3,000 women and men will devote their free time to help competitors to tackle their challenge. Volunteers will now have a website dedicated to their presence in races held in Paris:

Year-round communication with volunteers helps organisers to be aware of their expectations. Their calendar includes two events besides the races:

  • A fun day reserved is held in a green area of Paris
  • A yearly evening event boosts communication and celebrates their commitment.
  • The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris supports the HeForShe campaign. HeForShe is a solidarity campaign for the advancement of gender equality initiated by UN Women. Its goal is to engage men and boys to take action and help build a fairer, more equal world.
    Ever since UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Women Ambassador Emma Watson launched the campaign at the United Nations on 20 September 2014, hundreds of thousands of men all over the world have championed the cause, including heads of state, CEOs and university presidents.
    You can also support HeForShe on
  • Marathon prizes fully respect gender parity, with the same sum for the winners of the men and women's race.

As it has done every year for over a quarter of a century, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris has its doors wide open for disabled athletes (visually impaired individuals, wheelchair users, etc.) who want to tackle the legendary 42.195 km through the streets of Paris and the green paths of the Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne.
Competing in the midst of the 57,000 participants in one of the world's top marathons, French and foreign disabled athletes are encouraged to push their limits and aim higher than ever.
Disabled athletes start 10 minutes before the rest of the field and get to participate in the race and feel the warmth of the cheering crowds on the exact same course and in perfectly safe conditions.
The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris will also ramp up its efforts to make the race and the Salon du Running more accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Let's make a long-term impact!

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris has joined forces with the Museums of Paris and the Centre des Monuments Nationaux to put the spotlight on the most beautiful spots of the French capital.

Finally, as one of the leading sports events held in Paris, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is duty-bound to set an example by fulfilling the Environmentally Conscious Event Charter of Paris’ Municipality.

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris and 100 big sports events in France and the world have come together under the aegis of the Ministry of Sports to promote sustainable development and environmental responsibility.