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As promised, we’re here to help you be successful in your Marathon. To help you with your preparation, what better than an MAS test!

MAS, or Maximal aerobic speed, a key indicator for you, is a precious marker to organise your training and focus on your pace. Now you need to calculate and evaluate it correctly. Discover more information about this type of test here.

Join us for some free tests, supervised by FFA – J’aime Courir professional coaches.

  • PARIS :
    • 14 December 2019 – 9am / 10.30am / 12 noon: Stade Charléty, access via 17 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 75013 Paris
    • 25 January 2020 – 9am / 10.30am / 12 noon: Stade Charléty, access via 17 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 75013 Paris
    • 30 November 2019 – 9am / 10.15am / 11.30am: Stade Delort, access via 72 Rue Raymond Teisseire, 13008 Marseille
  • LYON :
    • 14 December 2019 – 10am / 11am: Stade du Rhône, Parc de Parily 36 Boulevard Emile Bollaert 69500 Venissieux

The number of places is limited, so register for the different tests now!

Information and registrations

You surely think about your preparation for the 2020 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris every day. Well know that we do too.

The ASICS Running Lab Tour accompanies free of charge all the runners in possession of a race bib for the 2020 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris. While all the participants put in the effort to come to Paris for one of the most beautiful marathons in the world, ASICS is heading in the opposite direction to offer you a tailor-made preparation and a unique experience across France. You just have to enter the date that interests you here.

Participating in the Asics Running Lab Tour, it is much more than just taking part in a basic running training session!

What to expect:

  • Of course, running sessions to train, improve and correct your weak points with the best coaches from the French Athletics Federation;
  • An analysis of your stride by a podiatrist from the National Institute of Podiatry;
  • Advice to help you choose the best running shoes based on your profile;
  • Personalized training advice according to your objective;
  • Experts to support you, answer all your questions and advise you (recovery by electrostimulation with Compex, training etc.),

You understood correctly. The ASICS Running Lab Tour does not let any detail slip by to put you in the best conditions to reach your goal: the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris. Paris is waiting for you! In the meantime, to register for the ASICS Running Lab Tour, click here.

I register!