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My first Marathon

My 1st marathon: Everything you need to succeed

Because it's your first marathon and we promised to accompany you in this incredible adventure, we're giving you all the pointers you need to be a finisher in the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris on 9th April!

Attend the "My 1st marathon” free talk

Wondering about the best gear to wear for a marathon runner?  Which training sessions you really shouldn't miss?   The most appropriate nutrition?  Mistakes to avoid? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you: you’re invited to a free talk that will cover all these themes.

It’s on 5th January at 8.45pm at the Théatre Le Brady (39 Bd de Strasbourg – 75010 Paris) and is an amazing opportunity to share experiences and chat with other runners.

Download the “My 1st marathon” training plan

The countdown has begun, are you ready?  This training plan will enable you to vary your sessions to help you progress and have fun at the same time!


Download the “My 1st marathon” practical guide

Tips, advice, training sessions, nutrition,’s all in this guide!

Download the “My 1st marathon” guide