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Why run for charity

Running for a charity has a different significance for different people. Whatever the motivation, it will provide you with that added sense of drive during both your training and participation.

Below are a few reasons why you should run for one of our UK charity partners:

  1. Make A Difference

The first and most important reason charities join events such as the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is for the fundraising potential they possess. Anything you raise will go directly to the charities and will help to make all their good work possible, changing lives in the process.

  1. Extra Motivation

If you ever find yourself ‘hitting the wall’ during training or the race itself, running for a good cause provides the ultimate incentive to keep on going. You are not only running for yourself, you are providing hope for those less fortunate!

  1. Increase Awareness

International marathons, such as the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, provide the ideal platform for you to increase charity awareness on a global scale. Thousands of spectators line the course, in addition to national television coverage, so the potential exposure you can provide is vast.

  1. Race Day Support

You will not be short of race day support if you choose to run for charity. If times get tough, not only will you have the unwavering encouragement from your charity cheerleaders, but there will also be huge numbers of spectators cheering for the charity ‘superheroes’!

  1. Self-Satisfaction

Although never the primary factor, the overwhelming feeling of pride and self-satisfaction at the finish line is not to be underestimated. You’ll be surrounded by fellow charity runners, all of whom would have completed the race for the same purpose, so the sense of teamwork and accomplishment will be in the air.

  1. Guaranteed Entry

As you most likely know, entries for this marathon sell out notoriously fast and many hopeful runners miss out on getting a place. If you run the event for charity, however, you’re guaranteed your place which means you avoid the entry rush, safe in the knowledge that you’re already in!


You can run for our official UK charity:


Run for Charity work with thousands of charities all over the UK. If you have a particular cause you'd like to run for, there is a good chance they are here, and they would love your support!

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