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Our waste management

Leading the way in waste management

Starting with the 2017 edition, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris will set an example and lead the way in waste management. The ultimate goal is to recycle everything by 2019!

  • Organisers are aware that the course needs more rubbish collection points, but we can only set an example if everyone does their bit. For runners, this means getting rid of your waste in rubbish collection areas, which will be located 500 m after each feeding zone this year.
    This simple gesture makes it easier for organisers and municipal teams to collect and recycle your waste.

collecting and recycling water bottles

Every year, Vittel hands out almost 560,000 water bottles to quench the thirst of 57,000 marathon runners.

Knowing that bottles are 100% recyclable and that they represent a ressource from the moment they are collected and recycled, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris and Vittel have joined forces to set up a comprehensive action plan for collecting empty water bottles:

  • educational workshops in the Salon du Running will raise awareness among competitors on their way to pick up their race numbers before the Marathon.
  • the number of collection points throughout the course has been doubled to ensure better coverage. Over 590 easy-to-identify containers will be set up.
  • more resources and people will be deployed to pick up rubbish after the race, particularly in forests and sensitive areas.

"Runners like me have 700 m after each feeding zone to throw our bottles into the appropriate containers!"

  • Waste-sorting bins will also be placed in all areas under the control of the organisers, making it easier to collect and recycle waste in the Salon du Running, hospitality areas, fan-zones and the start and finish areas

    "Runners like me follow the rules and help to sort waste!" 

  • Packaging reduction, digitalisation and recovery
    • A packaging reduction’s programme is initiated since 2017 in order to cover 75% of the quantity used. It concerns particularly the foods handed out in feeding zones, which will delivered in bulk from now on.
    • To prioritize the use of paper bags on the event, especially during the Running Show.
    • There have been talks with race sponsors to encourage them to swap the goodies handed out during the Marathon or at the Salon du Running stands for intangibles. The share of tangible products is reduced since 2017.
    • Competitors are urged to cover themselves with old clothes instead of plastic bags.
    • Since 2017, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris has ramp up efforts to recover clothes (T-shirts, fleece jackets, etc.) left behind by competitors to give them a second life or recycle them.
    • A separated waste collection will be implemented on feeding zones.

    "Runners like me choose clothes made of cotton or recyclable fibres and avoid clothes made of plastic!"